We are living the lives we desire and want.

Are you?

Let our Board Certified Amen Institute Brain and Life Coaches™ help you create the life you want today!

Here’s what we do:

We show you how to feel better


We show you how to create real, life changing, tangible tools for your life


We teach you how to take action today to create the life you desire and want to live


We help you navigate the internal and external hurdles of simplifying your life

Here’s why HLCG’s Board Certified Coaches are changing lives:


✔️As Board Certified Brain Health Coaches™, trained under Dr. Daniel Amen, we understand when your brain works right you work right.

✔️We help you manage your brain, your thoughts and feelings. We believe this is the most powerful thing you can do to create the change you want in your life

✔️We use the latest proven tools and techniques to help you create the lives and relationships you desire.

***Since, 1989, Dr. Daniel Amen methods have been helping individuals, couples, and families, just like you.

Let us help you create the life you want today!

I want to:

☐ Recover from Narcissistic Abuse from a parent or partner

☐ Navigate a high conflict divorce

☐ Declutter and simplify my life (and my closet!)

☐ Get into the college of my dreams

☐ Become a NCAA Division I Athlete

☐ Become the healthiest me

☐ Learn to love myself

Our Experts

DSC_0298 (2).jpg

Bridgette Morris, BCBHC

'“I am here to help you feel better. To empower you to make positive choices and changes in your life so you can create and live the life you desire and want.”


Waverly Cowart, BCBHC

“Combining my experience as a professional organizer and therapist, I can help you take charge and maneuver the emotional roadblocks to getting your mind and your life organized, making positive choices, and seeing the change you desire.”


What’s The Difference? Because we are trained and board certified both as Counselors and Coaches we get asked this question a lot. The main difference is counseling focuses on the past and on introspection and analysis. Coaching focuses more on understanding the client’s current situation and working towards actions and results. Both are very beneficial.


, treatment of emotional challenges

Identify and treat past trauma or life altering experiences

Treat self-destructive behavior

Help mend broken relationships


Personal and professional goal setting

Results oriented

Understand your strengths

Help work through a difficult situation like a break up or high conflict divorce

Help achieve academic and athletic goals

Develop a healthy life style

Turn your weaknesses into to strengths

Improved performance in professional and personal life

Identifying purpose and achieving life balance

Develop effective coping tools

Develop effective time management skills

HLCG’s Board Certified Coaches can help you overcome: Addiction, Anxiety, Bi-Polar, Depression, PTSD, Complex PTSD, Marital conflict, relational conflict, emotional abuse, self esteem issues, narcissistic abuse, weight loss, life style and eating change, peek athletic and academic performance, spiritual growth, ADD/ADHD, memory problems and  behavioral problems.

Counseling services available in our Georgia locations only.

Coaching services offered by Skype in each state and country and also in our Georgia locations.

Please remember we are in the EST zone when booking appointments.


Sessions in Person at:


1000 Park Avenue

Atlanta, GA 30326

Coming Soon 2019:



Sessions in Person at:

Peachtree Corners/Johns Creek/Norcross

4989 Peachtree Parkway

Peachtree Corners, GA 30092

Online from Anywhere

via HIPAA Compliant Video Conferencing