How it Works


Our first session is 90 minutes and helps us pinpoint the problem and gain more clarity to your circumstances. We will provide you with tools for relief and comfort.

We also offer a Fast Start for our initial sessions. This is a 110 minute session ( 2 sessions back to back). This is like getting 2 weeks of counseling at one sitting. This unique approach is custom designed for your needs and does work. This is a great opportunity to get that troubled situation really moving in a positive direction

Plan Developed

We believe communication and setting healthy expectations are key to therapy and coaching success. We will create a plan with you that works within your budget and time. This allow us to help manage your expectations and help you create the desired changes you want.

Choose Healing Life

HLCG’s Board Certified Therapists and Coaches provide a safe place to help you with real tools for real change. We take great care for each of our clients to help you make an everlasting transformation in your life and become the healthiest you. We look forward to working with you.