A word about our testimonials

There is nothing we care more deeply about than the lives of our clients. One of the ways we care for them is to respect their privacy. We will never share the names, first or last, of our clients. We are pleased to share their words with you, in a respectful format that protects both their confidentiality, and right to anonymity.


More From Our Clients 

The care & understanding you have given me has changed my life! I will be forever grateful. Thank you!
— Narcissistic Abuse Client
My life, my mind and my home!!, will never be the same. Thank you for helping me hit the restart button... I am less stressed and breathing easier with everything so organized and all the clutter gone and the tools to keep moving forward in a healthy way.
— Life Coaching Client
It was great meeting you today. After dinner my daughter said that it was one of best days of her life. this journey has been so very difficult but having someone who truly understands what we are going through has been God-send….literally. You are a blessing…thank you!
— Family/Co-Parenting Therapy Client 
I have seen a lot of counselors and psychiatrists and they always say “you are depressed, try this medicine” BUT you have understood me and my situation. Your wisdom and tools have changed my life and helped me break unhealthy generational patterns! What you are doing is not only going to change my life but my family’s and I bet people all over the world. Thank you!
— Family of Origin Client
You’ve taught me not to wait for things to get better, but for me to take charge of my life. You’ve helped me understand life can get messy and I’ve learned how to be happy right now and use the tools you’ve given me. You’ve changed my life. Thanks!
— Family of Origin Abuse Survivor
The fact you are faith-based has made this so much easier for both of us to take in because it aligns with our beliefs. Your care and kindness has made a difficult experience so much easier. You are doing God’s work. Our lives are changed forever because of you.
— Couples Therapy Client 
Waverly heard me and saw me in the midst of my mess and made me feel known and understood. She’s helped me clear the fog and connected me with the resources I needed to not just feel better temporarily, but to continue to be healthy even when bad things happen by staying connected to my faith, to the healthy people around me, and to who I know I really am.
— Client with Depression
You have helped us so much. We have met with other counselors but your approach and care has made such a difference in our lives!
— Couples Therapy Client
Waverly, I cannot thank you enough. You have given me hope that I can have a real relationship with my daughter again and given her the tools she needs to navigate her emotions and all the changes life will continue to bring.
— Parent of Adolescent Client
I really am thankful for you . You always seem to know what I need and your words of encouragement, the tools you send always seem to land with me at the perfect time. I am having an attitude of gratitude and you are one the things I am most grateful for in my life!
— Client with Anxiety
You have changed my husband. He is no longer angry, he has compassion. I wish I had found you 20 years ago. Thank you, our family is healing and changing. I am thankful every day for you.
— Family of Origin Healing
Your values mirror ours and our son needed a neutral person to hear him and help guide him for the next steps of his collegiate athletic career. He’s thriving now because of your time together! Thank you!
— Parent of Division I Collegiate Athlete 
You are a breathe of fresh air….You have given us hope! Thank you!
— Couple in Crisis