Entering therapy was like entering a world of understanding and compassion. It felt comforting to finally interact with someone who would be with me in my pain, listen to me and reach out to the part of me that wanted to change.
— HLCG Client


We are so glad you have found us. We are here for you and strive to be that safe place for you so you can find the answers and care you need to create the life you want. We’ve created this web site with you in mind. Please read a blog, listen to a video, take a quiz, enjoy one of the things we love and get to know us a little better. When the time is right, please reach out so one of our Board Certified Therapist and Coaches can walk alongside you and help you become the best you. We believe in you.

Sending hope your way,

Bridgette and Waverly



About Us

At HLCG our desire is to provide real care, real tools and real change for you. This website is here to help you. To help your growth and wellbeing, It offers loads of free information and actionable advice & tools that you can start using today to create real positive change in your life. We are updating our site daily so please feel free to bookmark our page as a helpful resource to help you.

Browse around to educate yourself about your options, read some articles, watch some inspiring videos, listen to our inspirational meditations, sign up for a free online training or read more about us. When the time is right, you can schedule a session with us to talk about your situation and, most importantly how we can help you create real and lasting change, and a positive new future. We look forward to meeting you soon.


I Want To

Love My Relationships

Marriage Counseling • Couples Therapy • Pre-Marital Counseling • Parenting & Family Healing • Adolescent Therapy • Co-Parenting

Thank you Bridgette! You have helped us so much. We have met with other counselors but your approach and care has made such a difference in our lives!
— Couples Therapy Client

Be Happy Being Me

Anxiety • Depression • Breakup/Divorce Recovery • Narcissistic Abuse Recovery • Family of Origin • Teen Trauma Recovery

You have helped me change. I have let go of my anger and really understand and like the person I am. Since I have changed, I see my family is healing and changing. I wish I had found you 20 years ago. I am thankful every day for you.
— Family of Origin Healing 

Take Charge of My Life

Personal Growth • Life Coaching • Academic & Career Coaching • Collegiate & Athletic Coaching for teens

Your values mirror ours and our son needed a neutral person to hear him and help guide him for the next steps of his collegiate athletic career. He’s thriving now because of your time together! Thank you!
— Parent of Division I Collegiate Athlete